June 5, 2018 – James Buchanan Elementary School

Restaurant Ad

Who we are: Goodie Cookie
Our Slogan: The snack that tastes good, Goodie Cookie!
If you’re hungry come on by to the Goodie Cookie to get some goodie treats like Goodie drinks, popcorn, cookies. A snack that tastes good, Goodie Cookie!

Article 2

Lunch News from Biztown by Ms. Bleacher
Biztown is quite an exciting town. There is a lot to do in the community. During the lunch rush at Rutter’s I had a chance to check in with some of the citizens and get their feeling about Biztown. Rafael, from the construction company, likes his job very much and feels the day is going very well. He has not purchased any snacks yet but plans to on his second break. Alberto who works at Rutter’s loves his job! He says the customers are acting perfect. I ran into Johanna, the CS manager, on her lunch break. She encourages you to stop by the bank because they have fast service. Other ladies in the café rated Biztown a 100, a 100 and a third rated it a million with a dab. On my way back to the news room I ran into Mrs. T. She had purchased popcorn. “The service is pretty good” she said. “The seasoning on the popcorn is tasty.”


Who we are: My TV
Our Slogan: Born to live, live to watch!
My TV. Born to live, live to watch! We offer entertainment and news on air.

Article 3

Today’s Weather
By: Arthur Pendragon

BizTown’s Meteorologist, Stormy Weathers, reports that today’s weather will be a high of 80 degrees and a low of 63 degrees. The skies are cloudy today. The remainder of the day should be humid with a chance of rain. The Meteorologist has not only been busy reporting the weather today, but has been doing a Cloud in a Bottle experiment also. This experiment shows how high pressure moves in and out of our area.

Distribution Ad

Who we are: Think Inside the Box
Our Slogan: Bum dum bum bum bum…. BUY PACKAGES!
Think inside the box and buy some packages! Bum dum bum bum bum… Buy Packages!

Realty/ Utility Ad

Who we are: Renting, With, Us
Our Slogan: Renting with us is a must!
Nuzer Mbami, the CEO of Renting with Us is inviting you to come on over and let us help you with all your property needs. So come on down because renting with us is a must!

Graphics Shop Ad

Who we are: GS Graphics
Our Slogan: Where the news comes to you!
Newspaper Network where the news comes to you. Come to NPN to find out your news. Thank you Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Boaman and Miss Chillot for the job!

Bank Ad

Who we are: BizBank
Our Slogan: I’m Cashing It!
Welcome to BizBank. We offer savings accounts, checking accounts, online banking and much more! Come right on in!

Article 4

The Business Next door by Ms. Bleacher
The CEO from Teez R Us. Alayah, thinks business will g well. The shop sells tee shirts that say Biztown. Their prices vary. They come in green, blue, gray and red. They sell adult size small, medium and large. They also sell youth size large. Isabella, an employee says working at Teez R Us is cool. Her favorite part is making the shirts. Be sure to stop in and purchase your very own Biztown tee.

Planet Earth Ad

Who we are: The Solar Buddies
Our Slogan: Earth’s Geologists!
What’s up my Earth’s Geologists! It’s the Solar Buddies here at Planet Earth. We help pay bills!

Article 5

Who took the recipe from the RESTAURANT?
Someone stole the recipe for popcorn at Rutter’s .mr.owen did nothing about it. But mr.tom did . he found out that Sammy did it.mr owen likes most about his job is that he gets a spinnie chair.

BizTee Ad

Who we are: Teez-R US
Our Slogan: We put the T in T-Shirt!
Come to Teez-R US! We sell the best T-shirts at reasonable prices. Remember we put the T in T-shirt!

Radio Station Ad

Who we are: RST
Our Slogan: Request it! Hear it! Love it!
Here at RST we let we let you pick the music and listen to as much music as you want. So kick back, relax and listen to the most popping music ever from RST!

Construction Ad

Who we are: IRRZ Construction
Our Slogan: Reaching higher for your building needs!
IRRZ Construction, reaching higher for your building needs. If you can think it, we can build it.

Wellness Center Ad



Article 6

Construction Crew Hard at Work
By: Meow Orlator

BizTown’s Construction Managers are hard at work rebuilding a bench for the town square. The Mayor has asked them to disassemble the bench in front of the Radio Station and Lab Works shop and reassemble a new one. The Construction crew have roped off the construction site with caution tape and are hard at work on the project. They are using various tools to complete the project. The JA BizTown staff will present the project at the closing town meeting today.

City Hall Ad

Who we are: Busy Hall
Our Slogan: We work with the mayor, so we’re fair.
We vote, we solve cases, make sure money gets to people, we do charity. We also help the mayor; we are Busy Hall. We work with the mayor so we ‘re fair.

Article 7

Retail Shops Preparing for Busy Day in BizTown
By: Meow Orlator

Teez R Us, GS Graphics, Super Smart Science and The Solar Buddies are all busy this morning preparing their shops for many customers. They will start selling various items including: stress balls, t-shirts, photo cards, slime and fossils during the breaks at BizTown. The citizens get to keep and take home any items that they buy. These will be great souvenirs of their day in BizTown. When it is your break make sure you take advantage of your time and make purchases with your hard earned money!

Lab Works Ad

Who we are: Super Smart Science
Our Slogan: Forget about Albert Einstein, come see us!
Forget about Albert Einstein, go down to Super Smart Science. Buy some super science slime today!

Article 1

What is Elephant Toothpaste?
By: Dio
Chemist: Rakim Torres
“Elephant Toothpaste” is an amazing eruption of oxygen filled with foam that looks like a giant stream of toothpaste.

In the “Elephant Toothpaste” there is
*1 Tablespoon of potassium iodide crystals
*1 cup of water
*0.5 teaspoons liquid soap
*2 hydrogen peroxide
Question: why do you think it is call “Elephant Toothpaste?”

Article 8

Who Committed the Crime in the Restaurant?
By: Arthur Pendragon

BizTown’s Rutter’s Restaurant was broken into last night. Someone or Something broke into their safe and took the recipe for the cookies. A suspicious hair and blood sample was found near the safe. The Bio-Chemist in the Wellness Center is analyzing the evidence today. They have three suspects. Check in with our Bio-Chemist, Frank N. Stein, later today to see who or what they believe committed the crime. Our District Attorney, Jayda Jones will be working closely with the Bio-Chemist Frank N. Stein on this.

Article 9

Live on the Radio
By: Dio
Interviewed: DJ & Ad executive
Jessiah the ad executive of the radio feels he has a good group for his business. He feels his team has good teamwork. You as citizens can request a song. To request a song, you have to pay the price of $2.00. To him the job seems semi hard but fun. According to DJ Nehemiah he loves his job. He loves to speak into the mic and say whatever he wants

Article 10

By: Misty Meanor
BREAKING! This just in, at roughly 12:55 PM this June the 5th 2018 the donation jar at the NPN (News Paper Network) was pilfered of some of its donation jar! Some nefarious individual waltzed into the building and stole money intended for the charity being voted upon today at in our fair Biztown. We honest and good-natured reporters at NPN are looking for any information regarding the individual; or even group, that orchestrated this heinous crime! If any citizen has any information, please contact us at NPNews@biztown.net, attn. Kiera. Ask for a reward as well, she has tons of money.

SHOCKED REPORTER (pictured above)

BizNetNews Ad

Who we are: News Paper Network
Our Slogan: Where the news comes to you!
Newspaper Network where the news comes to you. Come to NPN to find out your news. Thank you Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Boaman, Miss Chillot for the job!

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