February 15 – King Elementary School

Rutters restaurants

Alesishca is the  CEO of Rutters restaurant. She  has hired her employees on purpose. Rutters restaurant is on Kinsley boulevard. she doesn't remember how got the idea and the way the restaurant possibilities  and how it all works out."I like working with my employees.

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Biz Beats radio station

Davian is the CEO of the Biz Beats radio station. He wants the people to be happy. He hired them because he knows they are the right people for the job. Biz Beats is in York, PA. Davian started this job when he heard about JA BizTown. "one of my favorite things to do is spend time with my friends".

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Busy banks

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kli kli is the CFO of the local bank. she thinks  its very busy,fun, and hard. the bank is at 301 phoenix contact blvd. it was built in 1972. "all my workers are hard working."

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construction madness!!!

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Christian Gomez is the architect of the local construction company. right now they are taking down the bench on York Container Blvd. Right now it is in front of Biz Beatz they are taking it down to put it back together."It is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

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she is in charge

Isabelle Balbuena is the CFO for office of the mayor. she thinks the mayor is nice. she is the CFO because she is good with number. the address is 304 York Container road. she is unsure of when it was built. she is happy with the charity donations."The mayor office is nice and clean!!"

the mayor in work

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Shout Out 1

Jose H. he is in the graphics shop Shout Out:JA BizTown Rocks

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Shaquan he is in the TV station Shout Out: Shout out to Justin 

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Jason he is in Planet Earth Shout Out: Shout Out to JA BizTown!!

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