December 15 – Wharton Elementary & Ross Elementary Schools

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What it is like to be a bank teller

I went down to the bank today and visited bank teller Ashley Mendez. What she does at her job is she takes peoples deposit tickets and check's. After she collected all of the check's she insert's the account number. Then she presses GO to check if the name is correct on the deposit ticket and check. Then she select's deposit type. For cash back $2.oo

By:Auriamae Vafias

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Radio Station

I went down to radio station and interviewed CEO Anjaliyah Tshudy of BizBeats. I asked her how her job is, and she said its an entertaining job and easy job because she has great employees. I asked her for her advice for any future CEO's of Bizbeats, and she said its an easy job if you have the employees and you will have a good time.







Distribution & Delivery Interview

The first person I interviewed was Zariah in the distribution and delivery center. Zariah told me, “I working the back room doing stocking and making sure that stuff is organized.” The second person I interviewed was Jack. Jack told me that they were about to do an experiment the experiment was elephant tooth paste. When I heard about the news I was excited so we did the experiment.

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Graphics Shop Interview

I spoke to Tirzah from graphics about how she liked her job and she said that she loved it then I asked her if she had a great day she said that she had a fantastic day then I asked her if she ever came back if she wanted to have the same job she said deffinitly.

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Cloud in a Bottle

I interviewed the meteorologist at the TV station her name is Maya and I asked herabout the cloud in the bottle and what the forcast was and she said that it was 31 degrees ferenheit and the highest is 34 degrees ferenhiet.

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